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fileId:3096224744080796;size:inter; By Marty Salo

News Coorespondent

Well, the Tampa bay area did lose a broadcaster/meteorologist to suicide.

John Winter, a meteorologist for the past 13 or so years in the Tampa area, died of an apparent self inflicted gun shot wound.  He was with Newschannel 8 for all 13 years.

John Winter was married and 39 years old.

Part of the appeal would be when he would do the "aww, this cute little puppy needs a home" bit after his weather forecasts.

I thought it'd kind of be cool to live the John Winter life.  It seemed like his life was pretty sweet.  But I don't know if he had any obsessed fatal-attraction style stalkers, or problems with bill collectors, or what demons he had.


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