Can You Derail Dementia?

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This week's Quick Tips 4 U


A Tuft's University study found that diet and other lifestyles factors that help you control your blood sugar, not only help prevent diabetes and heart disease, they will help preserve your memory as you age. 


Warehouse shopping not for you because of bulk buying?  Start a shopping club with a friend.  Split the bulk items such as shampoo, toothpaste, and even things you can freeze like meat.  Plan your list together and take turns being the shopper.


Have lots of protein for breakfast with a small bit of carbs.  The carbs will burn quickly giving you energy, the protein burns more slowly keeping you from having cravings early.  I'll give you a link to some fat blasting menus in the comment section.


Make it quick, make it easy.  If you know you aren't going to have to spend a lot of time doing it, you'll be more likely to do it, exercise that is.  Do three 10 minute exercise routines throughout the day.  Some jumping jacks when you get up; a brisk ten minute walk at lunch time; lift some weights before dinner in the evening. 


Start thinking spring.  Check out some catalogs and fashion magazines to see the new colors for this season.  Check your closet, see if you have anything in those colors and build around what you already have.


The power of meditating is overwhelming not  just to your spiritual life, but your day to day living.  Quality meditating can help you achieve amazing accomplishments in your life.


Disclaimer–all tips are for information only and not from a qualified medical or financial adviser.




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