Can you give away something for FREE and make MONEY ??

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I find that giving away something for FREE is one of the easiest ways to make money.  Now I know this sounds impossible to do.

How can you possibly make money off a free item?


The free item may prompt the receiver into doing future business with the company giving away the free item.  For example, we all have a million free pens, pencils, notepads, etc with a company’s contact information on it.  I’ve also gotten a million magnets that I keep on my fridge to hold papers.  Guess who I call when I want to order a pizza…the pizza joint who’s phone number I can find….which is usually the one on the magnet on my fridge.  I received a free item (the magnet) and it led me to do future business with the company that gave it to me

What type of free items should you be giving away?

The free item you are giving away has to have value to the person you are giving it to.  In the case of the magnets, I kept them because I needed something to hold my papers/pictures to my fridge.  In the case of giving away a free ebook, it must contain information relevent to the reader.  Or it might be a coupon code that saves the user money on a purchase.

Determine who is your target audience, your potential customer.  What would add value to that potential customer?  A pool cleaning and repair company might give away free rubber ducky pool thermometers to potential customers.  The pool owner may then call the company listed on the pool thermometer when the pool needs a repair.  It adds value to the potential customer because they would be happy to have a thermometer in their pool to tell them the water temperature.

Free Items I currently give away:

I currently make money by giving away free $10 off coupons for baby diapers.  The coupons are redeemed at  The coupon have value to moms and dads because they save them $10 on their purchase.  The company gives me $10 for every new customer that uses the coupon.  A win-win for both of us.  Why does pay me $10.  Because that one new customer is more valuable to them than the $20 they just lost by giving a $10 off coupon and paying me $10.  That new customer will order from them over and over and over again.

FYI:  If you’d like to save $10 off diapers or other baby items, just use coupon code: Coupon4u at


I also give away a free ebook that teaches people how to make money online at home, designed especially for beginners.  Why do I give this ebook away free?  Simple.  Because the information in the ebook makes me money.  And it teaches the reader how to make the same money.

You can download a free copy of this ebook



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