Canadian Embassy in Iran Closed; Iranian Diplomats Kicked Out of Canada

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When CTV News reported that Canada’s government suddenly shut down the Canadian embassy in Iran and expelled all Iranian diplomats, it did not explain what might happen to Canadians with dual citizenship or who are currently residing in Iran.

Within five days of the decision, all diplomatic ties were cut between the two nations. It could lead to an escalation of hostility between the two nations, which have a history of ups and downs, especially since the Iranian Revolution.

Some people think that Israel could attack Iran soon, but Canadian politicians deny any knowledge of this sort of military measure. With Prime Minister Harper trying to garner support for military sanctions against Syria in Russia and ongoing Canadian involvement in Iraq and Afghanistan, a question arises. Is Canada really capable of carrying out any sort of additional operation in Iran at this time?

Even if Canada is militarily ready, the real-life implications of this severing of ties, both for Iranians and for Canadians, remain somewhat unclear. Only time will show what the closure of the Canadian embassy in Iran really means.

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