‘Canadian Psycho’ releases New Videos, Says ‘Hi’ to his ‘Fans’

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New “Canadian Psycho” videos bearing the name of Alexis Valoranreich and “ibechillin69″ surfaced after creator Luka Rocco Magnotta was captured in Berlin this week. And one has already been taken down.

On Thursday the Mirror reported that one of them played to alleged fans of his “1 Lunatic 1 Icepick” YouTube murder dismemberment video. And it basically just equated to being a 1-minute clip promoting that particular gory video.

But he shouldn’t have bothered since YouTube and Best Gore’s website, which had also hosted it, both took it down recently.

YouTube left off the 1-minute clip he recently uploaded under the user name alexisvaloranreich, however, as it really is nothing more than an ad promoting a product people can’t even see. So essentially they’ve defanged the porn star killer.

The other video uploaded to the Internet under the username “ibechillin69″ has since been removed by authorities, and that’s likely because the “Canadian Psycho” mocked their inability to catch him in it. He also appeared to make light of what he had done.

“What’s up? Hi to all my fans,” the alleged killer of Jun Lin cavalierly says to the camera.

And then, shortly thereafter, he is arrested in an Internet cafe in Berlin, proving that you can run but you can’t really hide.

The news of the new video releases came right after 2 schools in Canada received body parts of the victim in the case, with one foot going to False Creek Elementary School and one hand to St. George’s Boy’s School, which are both in Vancouver.

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