Cancelled TV Shows: Can These Six Shows Be Saved?

Some television shows have done well this season. Others failed right out of the gate. A few have floundered and seem on the brink of cancellation. Here are six almost certain cancelled TV shows.

ABC thought they found a ratings winner in Body of Proof last season. As a mid-season replacement, it fared very well. However, the crime drama hasn’t pulled in the same audience numbers this year, struggling with a 2.1 rating. Every bit as good as CBS’s CSI hits, it seems wrong that this Dana Delany vehicle is struggling at all. No one can point to a clear-cut reason. While it could still be saved by its new lead-in, The River, that’s a 50/50 bet at best.

Even as a temporary replacement for Fox’s hit show, Bones, the crime show’s spin-off, The Finder, hasn’t found any ground. It started off poorly, with even the most die-hard Bones fans failing to tune in. It suffers a lousy 1.7 rating in the most critical demographic of 18 to 49. An American Idol lead in gave The Finder a soft boost in week two and it managed to gain a bit of ground. But is it enough to keep the show on the air? It seems unlikely.

The Firm has received bad press almost from the outset. Called weak and watered down, fans of the Tom Cruise film aren’t buying into this tepid TV version. The show is drawing ratings that would have sunk The Playboy Club even faster at just 1.3. Yet, it’s likely to finish out the year. Sadly, a sinking NBC network doesn’t have anything better to offer. Plus, The Firm proved cheap for them to show since the show got sold internationally before it even began.

Fringe fans may finally lose their long-standing battle to save this excellent show. Although fans were loyal enough to follow it to its Friday night death knell, the show’s fan base isn’t deep enough to keep it afloat. Fringe suffers from anemic ratings at 1.4; numbers that would have killed almost any other show altogether. It’s sad to watch such an amazing concept, a truly outstanding cast and talented writers struggle when they shouldn’t have to. However, if this show isn’t among the cancelled TV shows, it will be a real miracle.

CBS has given A Gifted Man lots of time to find an audience. Sadly, the show has failed to carry out even that small task. It manages to pull in 8.2 million viewers. However, few are in that all important key demographic of 18 to 49. That spells trouble when it comes to chances for the show’s future. Nonetheless, it will probably finish out the season just because the network won’t want to kill any new possibilities with a Friday night-time slot.

Most people are wondering why it is that Pan Am is still on the air. It’s because ABC just refuses to turn loose of it. It sought to bring the kind of nostalgia offered by AMC’s Mad Men. Sadly, even with its fun premise and light-hearted humor, watered down sex and reminiscence of days gone by, Pan Am has managed to fail. Fans can’t get invested in the characters. That means sad ratings of 2.5. While that’s hardly awful, it probably isn’t enough to make sure there will be season two.

It’s sad to watch good shows fall by the wayside with cancelled TV shows. Unfortunately, that’s the way of the world and of network television. Which shows do you want cancelled?

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