Cancer Contagious? It’s Not ‘Biologically Impossible’ That It’s True

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Is cancer contagious? Many people are probably wondering this since Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez made bold claims that he was “infected” with the disease by his enemies (i.e. the USA) prior to his death. However odd his claim may be, scientists says that it’s not completely impossible.

According to reports, the Venezuelan government is going to look into the claims that Chavez had somehow been infected with the disease, though how they will prove it now that he is deceased remains unclear.

Scientists say that it is not “biologically impossible” for the disease to be contagious, though health and lifestyle factors play more of a role in getting sick than sitting next to someone who suffers from the illness. However, there are currently cancers that are transmissible, though they’re all seen in animal species and not yet seen in humans.

It would be a very scary day when scientists find that cancer is contagious or injectable. How would people take that news? Would they be terrified to go out in public at all?

Luckily, there’s no indication right now that you can catch cancer from simply being near someone with it and hopefully the day will never come where this is the case.

Question: Do you think Hugo Chavez was infected with cancer? Was he some sort of test subject to see if the disease took hold once injected?

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