Cancer Stricken Aretha Franklin will Return to Stage Soon says Family.

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Despite reports that Aretha Franklin has pancreatic cancer, the family of the Queen of Soul are reporting that she will be back on stage soon. They also called for the media to stop speculating on how Franklin is doing. That is hard to do with out having all the facts of what is really going on, but unless the family is trying to hide her true health status, fans of the diva can at least have some measure of relief.

How is Franklin doing?

PHILADELPHIA, PA - JULY 27: Aretha Franklin performs with the Philadelphia Orchestra at the Mann Center for Performing Arts on July 27, 2010 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo Jeff Fusco/Getty Images) Aretha Franklin’s cousin Brenda Corbett did say “This girl is doing great,” but she didn’t deny the report that the National Enquirer gave of a cancer stricken diva. They did however state that Franklin’s doctors feel she is doing better than was expected, according to E! News. Corbett also said “She has a long life in front of her and will be back in concert, on stage, late spring or early summer.”

On December 3, 2010, TMZ reported that Aretha Franklin had underwent surgery, but the reason for the surgery was unknown. This is what has legions of her fans worried that her family is downplaying the singer’s condition. So far, vague reports haven’t spread a message of hope, but with  the family’s statements, perhaps Franklin’s fans can worry a little less.

Earline Franklin, a sister in law of Aretha’s said “Aretha is doing absolutely wonderful. All the prayers and well wishes have supported her and she’s doing well.

How bad is pancreatic cancer?

Fans of Patrick Swayze can remember how having pancreatic cancer took its toll on him, before his death in 2009. In January 2008, the actor was diagnosed with the disease. We watched as Swayze appeared older and more frail with each day that passed. A year and nine months later, Swayze lost his battle. Is this something we have to worry about with Aretha Franklin? Until word is given that she is out of the woods and recovering, or that she does not have cancer, we feel there is a need to worry unfortunately.

Pancreatic cancer, according to Wikipedia, is one of the deadliest forms of cancer, with an extremely low chance of complete remission. Fewer five percent of those diagnosed with the disease, survive beyond five years. It is also referred to as a silent killer because no symptoms are displayed until the cancer is already in it’s advanced stages.

Considering how much Franklin’s family have valued the prayers of family, friends, and fans, its a safe bet that her family will want those prayers to continue. Hopefully the Queen of Soul will make it back to the stage to sock it to us for a long time to come.

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