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My 20 year old daughter fell in love in middle school.Even back then I knew from the way that he looked at her that it was really love. They were together through middle school, then high school, all of the home comings and proms. They graduated together, took college classes together and were planning their wedding when cancer happened.She has thyroid cancer. Doctors told us that it probably wasn't because it was so rare for this cancer to be in someone so young. But it was. We have learned since then of dozens of people her age just in our area, one girl is just 10 years old. We learned that while most cancers are on the decline that this cancer is on the rise, especially in this age group. She had just moved out when she became ill, and did not have insurance. We learned that even with the money we had saved for the wedding, that she still will owe thousands and thousands of dollars($50,000 so far). That she does have insurance now but they won't cover her cancer. So her credit is being destroyed and her health care compromised.
I learned of an artificial sweetener called ACE K. It is found in diet sodas, drinks, juices, jello, puddings, gum, etc. It causes thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer in the lab animals. My question is why is this cancer, that was once thought to be a cancer of middle aged women growing in teenagers. Then I read about ACE K and realized that this age group have been growing up more aware about their image, with more diet sodas, and foods. What if they were consuming more than what was "considered safe"? What if it has to do with their growing bodies and this artificial sweetener? Why was this sweetener not marketed like Aspartame and Sucralose etc? Why is it just listed in the ingredients, not on the label? This  sweetener causes thyroid nodules and cancers in rats, rabbits and dogs. Even according to their own web sites. Has this been looked into?
Cancer has taught me a lot. It taught me that when cancer happens it happens to your whole family.
I have learned that without insurance fighting for your life is an even harder fight.
I have learned that there is not enough information and help out there where people can find it.
I have learned that people are too accepting and don't ask enough questions.
I have learned how strong our family is, how strong love is and
I have learned how strong my daughter is.
She would not let cancer control her. It might have taken all of our money that we had saved for their wedding, but she would not let it take her wedding. Four months after this began, after two surgeries and radiation,on October 14th, 2006, they got married. It was a smaller, simple wedding. But the love was priceless. When they got to in sickness and in health everyone cried.
I have learned that I am blessed.that this should not happen but it does and we must fight to find a cure.
I have learned that Lance Armstrong is a hero.

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