Candice Berner, Alaska Wolf Attack Victim

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A special education teacher who was jogging on a trail in the Alaska woods is the victim of an apparent mauling by wild animals.  The Alaska State Troopers believes that Candice Berner may be the first known victim of a wolf attack in the modern era.

Candice Berner, 32, was jogging on an abandoned road on the outskirts of the small Alaska Peninsula village of Chignik Lake and listing to her iPod when she was apparently attacked by wolves, dragged off the road, and partially eaten.  Authorities believe it was a wolf attack because her body was surrounded by wolf tracks when it was found by snowmobile riders, and also because wolves are considered the only predatory animal in the area.  Hunters have assembled to try and track and kill the wolves.

I happen to live with a wolf fanatic.  She concedes that Candice Berner probably was attacked by wolves, and if so (though it pains her to say), those wolves should be killed if they are caught, since the attack would indicate that they are comfortable enough around people to attack again.  But she says it’s also possible that Berner was attacked and killed by a bear, and then wolves found her body and then dragged it off.  But this is unlikely if no bear tracks were spotted.

This is an awful tragedy for Candice Berner’s family and the village of Chignik Lake.  My thoughts and prayers go out to them!

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