Candidate Sharron Angle Faces Lawsuit over Copyright Infringement on Her Website

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A candidate faces a lawsuit over copyright infringement. The candidate is running for the U.S. Senate, and her name is Sharron Angle. The Las Vegas Review-Journal copyright infringement partner filed the suit alleging that she used R-J material on her website without permission.

Righthaven LLC is the Las Vegas Review-Journal’s copyright lawsuit partner, and they are seeking damages of $150,000. They also want the senate candidate to forfeit her domain name according to the Las Vegas Sun.

This lawsuit against Angle comes after the Democratic Party of Nevada showed The Review-Journal and Righthaven’s double standard in suing them and now Angle. The Democrat Party of Nevada also faces a lawsuit from Righthaven.

Many bloggers and journalists are happy that Righthaven is partnering with publishing groups to help crackdown on copyright infringement throughout the U.S. If Angle has to pay and give up her domain name, this could be a problem for her campaign. Hopefully this is the beginning of tougher standards for Internet copyright infringement rules.

Righthaven appears to be an equal opportunity company suing organizations of all types when it finds copyright infringement. That’s a good thing.

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