Cannes 2012: Bruce Willis Opens with ‘Moonrise Kingdom’

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Cannes 2012 couldn’t have opted for a better opening act than Bruce Willis in Moonrise Kingdom, as comic genius himself, Bill Murray, said as much.

“For him to play the part of a town cop in a one-cop town, it was fun.”

Willis might have spent his later years fighting bad guys who wouldn’t Die Hard, but the funny, handsome actor (and second ex of Demi Moore) started making his fans laugh at the start of his career with that Moonlighting gig.

Remember how he wore that tie on his head? He’s wearing it around his neck now.

Bruce Willis has always been the David Addison guy more than Rambo, if truth be told. And now playing an aging hunk wearing a gun is just the next obvious phase for the talented man who first played a detective able to entice his female boss.

Bruce Willis - hi res scan(Photo Credit: Flicker/Alan Light)

USA Today reported that Murray can’t wrap his mind around Willis the Rambo gun guy, so the role is obviously the right fit.

“‘He has a Die Hard moment in the film,’ Murray said, ‘Which made me laugh so hard.'” And The Guardian said Murray wasn’t alone, as one man was actually “braying with laughter” at another scene.

No wonder Demi married this guy. Who doesn’t love a humorous man–and one so cute!

Too bad Americans have to wait on this one, as Willis sounds like he is in rare form yet again. Can’t you just hear Cybill Shepard screeching for him to stop the music and get out from under that Limbo stick–or off the desk–or…

At least YouTube offers a peek at Willis’s Moonlighting past while those in the states await his most recent creative endeavor being enjoyed in Cannes.

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