Canning and other things that make me want to scream

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My Gather garden has exploded. I have at least a hundred tomatoes in my kitchen. There are four good size eggplants. There is zucchini. There are onions. So, why am I so darn unhappy?

Today, I went out and splurged on a pressure cooker. It is an 8-quart Presto pressure cooker. I’m looking online for instructions and I feel overloaded with information. So overloaded, that the tomatoes are still sitting in my kitchen and I’m debating giving up. I’ve found out that I don’t need a pressure cooker for tomatoes. At least that is what some of the sites tell me. In addition, I may have bought the wrong stuff – but I can’t be sure.

I’ve encountered several sites warning me not to use my grandmother’s old recipes. I wasn’t planning on it, but I do have a Better Homes and Garden Canning book. I imagine I’d poison us all with that – according to certain websites.

There are no step-by-step canning recipes in the Presto manual. I’m feeling totally clueless. How is that women a few generations ago with eighth grade educations were able to figure out this canning thing and I, with a master’s degree, am clueless on where to start. All I want is to have each step clearly explained (specific to my cans and canner).

I have been unable to find any website that really helps me. I’m not even sure how to work the gauge thing. Of course, my grandmother lives too far away or I’d ask her to help me.

All I really wanted to make was salsa. I was going to freeze tons of zucchini bread. I hadn’t really decided what to do with the onions and peppers. I figured hot peppers would go in the salsa. I’d love

In the end, I’m getting a migraine. I have horrible headaches. I’m assuming that is what it is. Which, at this juncture is  probably understandable. I think the many moms of my generation (I was born in the 70's) may have neglected passing on things like this because they thought we would have careers and wouldn't need to do this. I guess it was well-meaning enough. But, that's a subject for another article entirely.

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