Can’t lose weight? Mila Kunis says you’re lying

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Mila Kunis says losing 20 pounds for Black Swan taught her that everyone has control of their bodies, including the ability to lose weight. The actress says the difficult process of dropping the pounds off of her already (very) slim frame, helped her to understand that we all have control over our bodies. And control is the main issue (at least, according to Mila).

File:Mila Kunis 2008.jpgAccording to the UK’s Daily Mail, Mila Kunis says in an interview with British Glamour that she’s all about hard work and discipline – the traits that no doubt helped her get super skinny for Black Swan.

She goes on to say, that after that experience, she believes that those struggling with, and losing, the weight loss battle absolutely can shed pounds if they are truly motivated. Kunis says, “Your body can do everything and anything, you just have to want to do it.”

Mila Kunis certainly makes a good point: People do have to commit to a good, healthy, eating and weight loss program, and they have to be willing to stick with it, even when things get tough.

That being said, sometimes it’s harder than it seems – not everyone, for example, can drop everything to race off to the gym for hours each day. No, not when there are kids to shuttle around and care for, jobs to hang on to and housework that, well, just won’t wait.

It’s rather easy, one would think, for a celebrity who trains and works out for their job to find time to get fit, but for some, even motivation isn’t enough.

Readers, what say you? Is Mila Kunis right? Is it just a mind over matter issue where weight loss is concerned?

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