Card Check “The labor movement’s own figures rebut its case for replacing secret ballots . . .”

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June 15, 2009

Organized Labor Concedes: Employer Violations Rare in Secret Ballot Elections
by James Sherk

Backgrounder #2287

“Organized labor argues that Congress should effectively take away workers’ right to vote in secret ballot elections because employers allegedly intimidate workers in the run-up to elections by firing and threatening to fire pro-union workers. However, a recently released study commissioned by two union-funded organizations, American Rights at Work and the Economic Policy Institute, shows that employers rarely break the law during organizing campaigns.”


” . . . The labor movement’s own figures rebut its case for replacing secret ballots with publicly signed union cards. Organized labor’s figures also show why unions want to employ card check in the first place: Unions win 100 percent of card-check campaigns in the public sector. Taking away workers’ rights to a secret ballot guarantees workers will have union representation, whether they want it or not. . .”


 “. . . Organizers also greatly exaggerate workers’ interests in unionizing. While only 9 percent of non-union workers want to join a union, 47 percent of union members believe that most workers want one.[9] Organizers more naturally believe that widespread management opposition explains their failure to organize more workplaces. These biases incline union organizers to believe employer misconduct occurs much more frequently than it does. Union organizers’ self-recollections of employer misconduct are highly unreliable. . . .” more . . .



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