Careers Set for Growth in the Next Decade

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Ever wonder what careers are set to grow and expand within the next decade relating to job demand and pay scale? Due to new technology advances and changes in the economy, certain career paths are set to expand in the next decade while some careers will become obsolete, just like in past decades. Yahoo hotjobs has recently identified some of the top hot careers anticipated to grow over the next ten years and the earnings potentials for those careers. With many American job seekers still unemployed, underemployed or even looking for their niche in a changing job market, some of these career paths may provide a work solution and satisfying income for many looking to evolve or change career industries.

Booming career paths in business and finance include accountants and auditors, financial examiners, personal financial advisors, general and operations managers, and management analysts. These career paths project earnings upwards of $67,000 per year to $92,000 per year on average depending on experience, education, and employment. In general all of these career paths within business and finance are expected to grow within the next decade due to changes in the financial industry and need for auditors to examine and interpret information, examiners to enforce compliance with regulations and managers and advisors needed to assist in running a successful operation and generating investment strategies for businesses and individuals. These career paths are attainable for job seekers currently in the financial industry or with a business degree.

The education industry expects new jobs for elementary school teachers and post secondary school teachers. According to Yahoo hotjobs, job growth is expected to increase in both by at least 15 percent, with an expected over 50,000 in job openings. These career paths require a teaching degree and would be well suited for those job seekers that enjoy working with children and educating others in a classroom setting.

In the ever growing healthcare industry, job openings are expected to increase for registered nurses, physician’s assistants, and medical scientists. There has been a continued shortage of healthcare workers, and registered nurses will be in demand over the next decade as people continue to require healthcare as they age.

In technology, jobs for network systems and data communication specialists have increased due to continuing changes in technology, new technology networking capabilities and demand for setup of systems and troubleshooting. Finally in transportation, jobs will increase for truck drivers dealing with heavy and tractor trailers as goods need to be transported and delivered.

My best advice for job seekers in a changing job market is to seek out continuing education courses. Become educated on growing trends in the marketplace, including industries set to boom over the upcoming years. By staying on the lookout for employment opportunities within growing industries, job seekers can set themselves up for increased potential for success and avoid some of the effects of downturn in the market and job loss as technologies become obsolete.


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