Carissa Hads Seduced Underage Girl, Disguised as Boy

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Twenty-four-year-old Carissa Hads is facing federal charges after being accused of tricking a teenage girl into sex while disguised as a 17-year-old boy. The 15-year-old girl in question isn’t being named, but the details of this story seem rather shady nonetheless. The Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force released an affidavit accusing the 24-year-old woman of using an “unnamed social networking site” to lure the 15-year-old into a relationship that developed into something of a criminal thing.

Carissa HadsCarissa Hads maintained two social networking profiles—one as 17-year-old James Puryear Wilson, and the other as herself—which she referred to as James’ aunt. The unnamed 15-year-old “victim” claims that the “boy” bought her two cellular phones and paid her phone bills. “He” also bought her a brand new Kindle Fire.

The strange part of this story is that the mother of the so-called victim willingly arranged meetings between her daughter and what she thought was a teenage single father by renting hotel rooms for them while staying there with other teen girls. During the the hotel room visits, Carissa and the teenage girl reportedly had illicit sexual contact that involved prosthetic genitalia and fingers. She even claims to have seen the device Carissa had worn to use as a penis.

So does this sound fishy? Judging from the images of Carissa, it doesn’t seem reasonable that a young girl as well as her adult mother would be fooled. The images here are obviously of a female, albeit a tomboy. So what gives? This just does not seem like a cut-and-dry story of sex abuse by an adult, but it does seem like the mother, teen and Carissa Hads had more of a relationship than what’s being written.

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