Carl Lewis’ Senate Run Starts Off Terribly

Carl Lewis’s senate run has been denied again because the former gold medal Olympian was ruled to not meet the four-year residency rule. Unfortunately for Save The World Awards 2009 show06 - Carl Lewis.jpgCarl, this latest judicial defeat follows New Jersey’s secretary of state, Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno’s decision to pull his name off of the ballots for the same reason.

However, Lewis isn’t going to just wait around for better odds. He’s decided to “ask the state Supreme Court to weigh in.” Apparently, Carl and his lawyer, William Tambussi, believe that there may be a conspiracy of sorts in the works!

Tambussi said that the court’s decision “sets a dangerous precedent. It allows a partisan political player to disregard facts and select the candidates of the opposing political party.”

Well, the question is pretty clear to those who just like facts. Has Carl Lewis been a resident of New Jersey for at least four years? If so then he should be allowed on the ballots, if not, he shouldn’t. Does anyone care to weigh in?

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