Carnival Cruise Lines’ passengers get robbed in Mexico!

A tour with Carnival Cruise Lines led to the robbery of 22 passengers. They were on a short tour walking when the robbery occured. Some 22 passengers were robbed of valuables including their passports.

I used to travel to Mexico regularly. I went to Cancun, and Matamoros almost every summer. I would take my kids, too. I loved beaches and the shopping. The people of Mexico, for the most part, were honest, hard working people. They wanted Americans to come and help their economy.

I can’t imagine how they are suffering with the rise of crime since 2006. Over 45,000 people have been killed. It’s a terrible crime. It’s not just Americans being killed but Mexicans as well.

The drug cartels have no mercy. The U.S. government has issued travel warnings, but some Americans do not heed the warnings.

Carnival Cruise lines will temporarily shut down this tour, and they offer to help replace passports, but they should have never taken people to Mexico in the first place.

It is too dangerous for my family and me to travel to Mexico. Will you continue to travel to Mexico?

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