Carole Radziwill Says Ramona & Mario Singer are a ‘Rock!’

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Carole Radziwill braved the storm when she met Ramona Singer and her husband Mario for lunch. Carole is one of the three new additions to Real Housewives of New York, and although she seemed a bit shy during the first two episodes, she stepped out of her shell on episode 3 and had a ball with Ramona and Mario—she even got flirty!

“The Singers are a rock,” Carole says in her Bravo blog. “They’re easy to hang out with because they clearly enjoy each other. And even though there are approximately 27 close-up shots of Ramona looking uncomfortable with me smelling her husband and flaunting my Sicilia, she was definitely not uncomfortable.” The producers must have edited the scene to make Carole seem to crossing the line to the dismay of Ramona. Not the case!

Regarding her co-star’s new nickname, Carole explains, “Ramona may or may not have called me ‘Honey,’ and I did call her ‘Bunny.’ I nicknamed her Bunny after the little pink guy in the Energizer commercials, because she never ever stops.”

Ramona is definitely a busybody. She could benefit from having a cool, calm friend in her life like Carole Radziwill! They would balance each other out great!

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