Caroline Kennedy: A Political Tease

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Remember this one: "First you say you do and then you don't"

My mind is laced with songs like that from the long distant past. There was another old ditty sung by Jimmy Durante in profile, fedora hat in hand as he strutted with bowl legs, grinning mischievously, across the stage, " You start to go, you change your mind, you start to go again then you change your mind again".

When I first saw Caroline Kennedy as an adult it was on TV when she announced her support and endorsement of Barack Obama. Forgive my boorishness, but the truth is, I was charmed by her appearance and manner. Her shy smile and sultry voice together with her name and obvious good judgment made me an immediate fan. I wanted to see and hear more of her. 

Now that she has withdrawn from consideration for Hillary's seat in the Senate there are two questions that cross my mind. Does she have a future in politics? If so, what is likely to become of this shy private person whose first political forays were characterized by 'fluster and indecision', were she to attain public office?

One thing can be said with certainty : Caroline Kennedy is no Sarah Palin. Sarah Palin is anything but shy and indecisive. She loves and seeks center stage. No matter how ridiculous her proclamations, Sarah Palin says them with conviction. She is seen as an excellent politician with a glorious future with the Republican Party.  

The retiring and hesitant Caroline Kennedy, in contrast, is better educated and has a better command of the language and the proper syntax for constructing whole sentences. She is a prolific fund raiser and carries the name recognition that ensures popular support.

Another unknown is how Hillary Clinton and her supporters felt about Caroline Kennedy filling her Senate seat. Caroline supported Barack against Hillary for President. Did those views (if expressed) enter into Paterson's and or Caroline's thinking and delay or influence the final outcome?  

It is my speculation that Caroline's tentativeness was the result of her being nudged by others rather than by her own ambition to seek out the NY Senate Seat. She was never really certain that being a Senator was what she wanted for herself. At some future time, were she to decide on her own, to pursue political office, that internal conviction would result in a very different persona, that of an impressive public figure with a great future.     





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