Caroline Manzo Doesn’t Think Kathy Wakile Hated Rosie Being Gay

Caroline Manzo was left in shock when she heard Teresa claim that Kathy ‘hated that Rosie was gay’ on last night’s new episode of Real Housewives of New Jersey. Kathy and her sister, Rosie, are super close, so it was hard to hear Teresa say something so horrible.

In her Bravo blog, Caroline says, “There is no way on the planet am I going to buy that Kathy didn’t support Rosie when she came out. Look at the body language between them; love is love, acceptance is acceptance. There’s no denying it when you watch them together.”

Ironically, Kathy and Rosie even went to a gay bar together on last night’s episode. Would someone who reportedly hated her sister being gay go to a gay bar? Doubtful!

In closing, Caroline Manzo wrote, “This tabloid thing is a little exhausting too, and I have a feeling we haven’t seen the last of that.” Although Teresa is always denying her involvement with the tabloids, she seems to always be caught in the middle. This week, Teresa claimed someone had sold a story about her building an apartment for her parents. She even later said it was probably Jacqueline.

Tune in next week for more drama on the Real Hosuewives of New Jersey!

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