Caroline Manzo Isn’t Happy With The Way Teresa Handled Gia At Field Day

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Caroline Manzo is never one to put up with disrespect, regardless of who it is coming from. Last season, viewers of Real Housewives of New Jersey watched as she kicked Kim Grantell out of a party at Melissa Gorga’s house after Grantell brought an inappropriate guest with her.

This week on the show was no different. Teresa Giudice’s daughter, Gia, threw a temper tantrum during a Field Day event at Jacqueline Laurita’s house even telling Laurita to “get out of here” and that her and Manzo need to “be quiet.”

Manzo weighs in on the fiasco in her Bravo TV blog saying, “I don’t care whose child you are or how upset you are; you do not look an adult in the face and tell them to be quiet, mind their business, and get out of the room. It was then when I told Gia to look at me and show some respect.” She continues, “I would expect nothing less from any other adult if it were my child back in the day — respect is paramount in my book. Children should know their boundaries.”

Laurita, at one point, tried to ready Gia a book about being a good sport, but Gia, who is 11 years old, thought the idea to be way out of line. Teresa Giudice popped up eventually to side with her daughter and let Manzo and Laurita know they were out of line for what seemed to be them consoling her disrespectful daughter.

Caroline Manzo, as expected, was not thrilled. “Teresa challenging Jacqueline and myself in front of Gia was wrong. First of all, she wasn’t in the room, she didn’t know what happened. If she had a problem with either of us, she should have pulled us aside and spoke to us in private and discussed the situation before berating us in front of Gia.”

It was truly painful to watch. Not only was this child completely disrespectful to her elders, she suffered no consequences. Her mother fed completely into her temper tantrum. Let’s all remember this is an 11-year-old — not a 4-year-old.

On a more positive note, the rest of the cast got along fine and no flags were thrown!

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