Caroline Manzo Says Teresa Giudice Is A “Coward”

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Caroline Manzo and the cast of Real Housewives of New Jersey addressed co-star Teresa Giudice’s magazine cover on In Touch during last night’s new episode. After inviting her to her brother’s wedding, Manzo quickly realized she had made a mistake.

Once they arrived in Chicago, Caroline got her hands on Teresa’s latest magazine cover and story which featured Teresa claiming Caroline bullies her because of her financial situation. Her reaction? Caroline stated, “We were the ones who were there for her and she slaps us in the face.”

Teresa is making a habit of slapping everyone in the face this season. She is quickly losing friends and her family has even distanced themselves.

Caroline continued, “It’s despicable. That to me is the worst kind of coward — the worst kind of person. Everything with Teresa is a show. She hits and runs when there’s an audience and makes herself look like the victim. Before you have a chance to speak and tell your side of the story, she’s gone.”

Viewers of Real Housewives of New Jersey are quickly becoming aware that Teresa’s need for fame and fortune are taking priority over her relationships. Caroline Manzo knows it and Jacqueline is beginning to see it too — “Teresa’s losing her sense of reality and realness that I used to respect. Her life is being manufactured into this fantasy that doesn’t really exist.”

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