Carousel Horses on the Loose, Oak Park, IL – Photo Essay

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Oak Park, Illinois is renowned as having a large number of Frank Lloyd Wright homes and one of his studios. There is also a large artistic enclave. But in summer 2007, Oak Park is the site of a street exhibition of carousel horses!

This horse features musical instruments all over the animal.



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Bug-eyed monsters of all types decorate this fiberglass fellow.







This elegant steed is appropriately located across the street from an Irish import shop!








Compassion Horse – "Widening our circle of compassion…"












This is truly a horse of mythic proportions – he is loaded with heroes of epic Hollywood tales, including Arnold Schwarzenegger, Kirk Douglas, Lucy Lawless and Lou Ferrigno!





A well-dressed horse in high-buttoned shoes!






Mosaic creates a dappled effect which is enhanced by the sunlight dancing through the trees.










Floral fantasy on this delighful entry!








The puzzle horse




These are a few of the horses on display in downtown Oak Park, Illinois. Eventually they will be auctioned for charity. For now, they are a source of delight to anyone walking around the area.


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