Carrie Prejean was in a sextape (video embedded)

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First, a recap. Carrie Prejean (sextape!) was Miss California. People cared because, during the Miss USA pageant, she didn’t support gay marriage and Perez Hilton, a judge for the pageant (I weep for America if Perez Hilton is an accurate representation of our values) got all huffy. As a result the Miss California organization tried to strip her of her title (citing skipped appearances and semi nude photos from when Prejean was 17) and Donald Trump stepped in, “saving” her. But, after a month, he lost interest and Prejean was replaced.

And now, there’s a sextape that Prejean has confirmed she is a participant in.

The collection of contradictions is staggering. First she’s too conservative, now she’s too sexy, and do we really still have Miss USA pageants? Why? What purpose do they serve other than to objectify women in the manner that Prejean is now being ostracized for? Shouldn’t we have both pageants and guilt-free sextapes or neither? Seems like semantics if we don’t

And then, who cares. It wouldn’t be a big deal if no one made it such. Essentially, her short time in the spotlight has consisted of little more than a collection of bland controversies. Maybe she just has a really terrible publicist. Or a great one.

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