Carrie Stoudemire, mother of Amar’e Stoudemire arrested due to no ignition interlock device

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Sometimes you have to wonder how far is too far when it comes to news stories.  The latest reports come from ESPN regarding Amare Stoudemire’s mother, Carrie Stoudemire.  Stoudemire’s mom, age 57, was reportedly stopped while driving and then arrested for not having an ignition interlock device on her vehicle, ESPN and the Arizona Republic paper reports.

Mama Stoudemire was pulled over by an officer on Saturday when her Lincoln Navigator was seen straddling two lanes at 60mph on a city street in Arizona.  A Scottsdale officer requested she take a sobriety test after noting Carrie’s eyes looked “watery and glassy”.  Stoudemire refused and was cuffed then put into the back of a police car.  Her son Amar’e arrived on the scene with another man.  Carrie started yelling “Amar’e!” multiple times and the police asked both men to leave.

An ignition interlock device is one that mounts on a vehicle dashboard and requires the driver to breat into the device before the vehicle will start.  The device tests for appropriate blood alochol levels and also requires positive breath testing at random times, or it will eventually kill the ignition to prevent unsafe driving.  Carrie Stoudemire informed the officer that she was unaware of the law requiring the device and that the vehicle was a rental.  According to her driver’s license, her vehicles must have the device until October 30th.

If it were Amare Stoudemire involved somehow, then it makes sense for ESPN to report on it.  But this story just appears to be unnecessary from the #1 sports network, whether we’re in the playoffs or not.  Reportedly, Carrie Stoudemire has been incarcerated previously for drug and prostitution charges.  Currently, Amare and the Phoenix Suns are in the NBA Playoffs trying to defeat the reigning champion Los Angeles Lakers, but are down in the Western Conference series 0-1.

Do you believe this story needs to be presented by ESPN?  Does ESPN pay too much attention to off-the-court news including legal issues of athletes and their families?

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