Carrie Underwood Arrested by the ‘Fashion Police’

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Carrie Underwood was taken apart by the Fashion Police. And no, this wasn’t good for the usually on point country star and former American Idol winner.

Sadly, the arbiters of the popular E! Entertainment television show about style did not like what this lovely lady wore to the Billboard Music Awards and said so this week during the fashionable group’s one-hour show.

So what was wrong with what Underwood wore?

Well, the designer gown–by Oscar de la Renta no less–was simply too much. Too much tulle, too much volume, too much fuss. Quite simply, it was just too much.

In fact, as The Fashion Police judges–including Kelly Osbourne, George K, Giuliani Rancic, and Joan Rivers–looked a picture of the girl in the gown (see that here), these sticklers were overwhelmed.

Joan commented that this was the wrong dress for the occasion and that although the beautiful dress would have served Carrie well for the Oscars, this was not the right sartorial statement for a hip music show.

In fact, Rivers said that Underwood looked as if she had just come out of a pumpkin. And, for once, she actually wasn’t kidding.

Meanwhile, George K said that on the runway on a tall model this very full gown looked as if it was more empire than the way it looked on the tiny singer. And Kelly Osbourne complained that what resulted on the 2012 Billboard Awards red carpet from this particular warbler looked as if she was going to her “big fat gypsy wedding” and not to the show filled with song.

Then Giuliana Rancic offered her take on what Carrie Underwood had chosen to don. She said the strapless frock done in shades of blues and grays looked as if this Oscar de la Renta gown could have been featured on the show called Toddlers and Tiaras.

Fashion arbiter Rancic also wished Carrie would have worn her hair up rather than having it down and wavy like it was on the night of the event being discussed.

With that said, what do you think of Carrie Underwood and her huge style statement made at the 2012 Billboard Music Awards? Do you like her gown or do you think it was the wrong dress to wear for this particular gathering of her musical cronies? Thoughts? Thanks.

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