Carrie Underwood making shocking confessions about ‘Nashville’

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Country music singer Carrie Underwood revealed a shocking confession about life in Nashville to Rolling Stone Magazine. Taking the press op just in time to win one of the 40th Annual American Music Awards on November 18, the sassy celeb was happy to confess that she is addicted to watching the new “Nashville” TV series. However, when it comes to living her life in the actual town she confessed that there is not as much scandal happening there. Life in the famous town seems (by her account) to be a little bit tame, actually.

“I hope they don’t think all the ladies of country music are that scandalous, because I promise you we’re not,” she said, laughing. “I hope people don’t think it’s all backstabbing and everybody sleeping with everybody else. That’s really not [the case], at least to my knowledge. There might be all kinds of stuff going on that I don’t know about, but not in my world. People really are pretty open and friendly and normal…” said the star.

CarrieUnderwoodAtTheWorldArenaBut how well does that sort of remark help promote the new Deep South television series? The short answer is that aside from getting the new TV show talked about in the national press, it doesn’t.

The reason shows like “Nashville” are popular is because they strive to reveal and rival the drama of daily life that is promoted and hyped on various reality TV series. By letting viewers believe there are deep, dark secrets about life in any sub-culture hidden by the people of any one particular geographic location, producers and directors capitalize on the belief that something sensational is happening behind the scenes. When sweet Carrie Underwood confessed that the drama of daily life in the country music capital of the world is really not so scandalous or sleazy, she may have made herself look like a nice girl but she inadvertently undermined the entire marketing premise of the TV series. With that said, though, the program is still doing well in the ratings thanks to hundreds of thousands of country fans starting to tune in to the show regularly. For that reason, Underwood gets a hall pass for her shockingly candid confession that life in the real world Nashville is not anywhere near as exciting as they portray the place being on the television.

Carrie Marie Underwood is an American country music singer, songwriter, and actress who rose to fame as the winner of American Idol back in 2005. She is featured doing a duet with Steven Tyler on the new Aerosmith album (the 2012 rock music release that Rolling Stone magazine says was one of the “must have” albums of the fall season). Tyler was a judge on American Idol — but not during the time Underwood was competing.

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