Carrie Underwood on Pregnancy Rumors

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Carrie Underwood would like to squash any pregnancy rumors and goes to quite a bit of trouble to keep them from starting in the first place.  Why all the fuss?

Ms. Underwood married Mike Fisher less than a year ago, sparking almost monthly rumors about a possible pregnancy for her. She doesn’t want to be bothered with the constant speculation, so she goes to great lengths to avoid the baby-bump gossip.

While promoting the film Soul Surfer, the country singer told People magazine that she is very particular about what she wears out in public to avoid looking pregnant.

“[I] choose my wardrobe differently because when I wear something a little baggier, I’m like, nope, people are going to think I’m hiding something, so I better not wear that,” she explains. “So it does make me kind of think a little extra.”

Carrie Underwood and her hockey-player husband had a long-distance romance for a while when he was playing for the Ottawa Senators, who recently traded him to the Nashville Predators. This was great news for the couple since Underwood lives in Nashville. In an interview, Fisher said, “I’m sure my wife won’t be disappointed … I think it will be a great place for me and the family.” What was that, Mike? “The family?” Sounds like a baby might be in their future after all.

What’s the big deal about people thinking you might be pregnant? Carrie Underwood is wearing a skin tight wardrobe so no one will think she’s pregnant. How long will she keep that up? At some point, she’s going to decide being comfortable is better than worrying about rumors. Perhaps that point might come right around the time she hasn’t been mentioned in the gossip columns for a while.

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