Carrie Underwood Says Big Hair Is a Country Thing

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Carrie Underwood admits it. Big hair is a country thing. Asked if she subscribes to the famous theory, “The higher the hair, the closer to God,” Carrie laughs. “…It really is southern humor,” she says. “We country folk, we like our big hair. I am certainly no exception.”

Truthfully, Underwood wears her hair many different ways. However, she admits she often comes back to the big hair look. Asked why that’s so, she says it’s an illusion for her. She thinks luscious, full-bodied hair that goes on for days just might make the rest of her look smaller.

Carrie needn’t worry about that these days. She is thin and beautiful. Still, she never thinks her hair can get too big. “When someone fixes my hair, I put my fingers in it and make it look bigger,” she says. She goes on to say, “I mean for me, it was all about country women. They like sparkles, they like big hair….” She always thought that was gorgeous and she still does.

Carrie says she and her hair stylist work together in creating her various looks. “She wants me to feel awesome,” Underwood proclaims.

Awesome is a word that many people would use to describe Carrie Underwood. However, it isn’t all about her hair. Nor is it about her fashion sense or even her incredible beauty. It’s more about who she is as a person and, of course, that magical voice of hers. So if Carrie likes wearing big hair, more power to her. Her fans love her anyway they can get her.

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