‘Cars 2′ Review: Guns and Lemons Rule Screen

Cars 2 from Disney Pixar hit theaters today, and families everywhere flocked to the movies. In many cities, matinées sold out all day long. How was the film that kids have waited so long for?

'Cars 2' Review: Guns and Lemons Rule ScreenAudiences loved Cars 2. The film is nothing like the first one, and the spy story is a bit above some of the youngest in the crowd, but there is plenty of action. This sequel focuses more on Mater (Larry The Cable Guy) than Lightning McQueen (Owen Wilson), but there was plenty of racing and number 95 to satisfy fans of the racecar. Plus, there are amazing details in each foreign land.

The gist of the story is that Lightning McQueen takes Mater with him to compete in a world-wide race that takes place in Japan, Italy, and England. Through a series of unfortunate events, the tow truck ends up being mistaken as an American secret agent. He also ends up costing McQueen the first leg of the race in Japan, and that leads the two to argue.

Throughout the rest of Cars 2, number 95 regrets his treatment of his best friend while Mater struggles to keep up with the spies and save Lightning McQueen from the “lemons,” defective cars that want to rule the world. In the end, Mater ends up saving the day, and he is even knighted by the Queen of England, which is quite the sight to see.

One caution for parents, though: This film is awfully violent for a rated G children’s movie. Throughout the movie, cars are shot at and killed. There are plenty of guns throughout. Also, the lemons own “big oil,” and alternative fuel is pushed heavily throughout, although in the end it was a scam. Surprisingly, Cars 2 was fairly political about gasoline and alternative fuel sources.

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