‘Case 39′ Trailer and Movie Reviews (Video)

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Award-winning actress Renee Zellweger stars in the new ‘Case 39′ movie trailer which has shown up on YouTube.  This one’s definitely not like her previous work, as its a suspenseful horror movie.  Let’s take a look at the movie plot as well as the ‘Case 39′ movie reviews and trailer on YouTube video.

The new movie trailer for “Case 39″ shows highlights of the brand new horror film which also stars Bradley Cooper as a psychiatrist.  In this one, Zellweger’s a social worker named Emily, working with 10-year-old Lilith Sullivan.  Lilith has strange parents who are apparently cruel towards their daughter and threaten her life.  Emily gets the aid of a police detective to try to prevent any further harm as she looks for a good home for the girl.  However, there’s some mysterious and powerful evil forces at work which as Emily says “will never stop” trying to get them. 

The movie trailer shows all sorts of bizarre occurrences including a scene with flies or bees overtaking a man.  There’s also an underwater scene with Zelwegger, and lots of scary faces.  Looks a bit like a mashup of movies like “The Ring,” “Sixth Sense” and “The Others.”

So far the “Case 39″ movie reviews haven’t been so kind for the new horror film which arrived in theaters on Friday October 1st.  RottenTomatoes.com has it at a 24% overall rating on its Tomatometer, meaning there’s 76% of movie reviewers who didn’t like the film.  The consensus is “Director Christian Alvert has a certain stylish flair, but it’s wasted on Case 39’s frightless, unoriginal plot.”

Check out the trailer for “Case 39″ below and see for yourself.  Is this one you’d see in theaters, or wait for it on DVD/Blu-Ray?

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