Casey Anthony Assassination Threats are False

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Casey Anthony was reported earlier this week to have been threatened with an assassination attempt. However, Jose Baez says the story published by the National Enquirer is false.

Sources report that Jose Baez made a statement about the alleged attempt at taking Tot Mom’s life:

“None of it is true,” he said.

So it looks like Casey Anthony is still relatively safe in whatever mystery location she is hiding away at in Florida. It was alleged by the National Enquirer that someone tacked a note on Anthony’s door threatening to come back and “put a bullet” in her brain.

There are tons of memes online showing photoshopped images of the infamous Tot Mom with superimposed bullet holes between her eyes and other assorted imagery indicating that people want her dead, so it truly wouldn’t be surprising if some loony actually tried to act on these urges.

Casey Anthony probably wouldn’t be missed if this did happen, but there’s no excuse to take some sort of vigilant justice out on the woman. The justice system may have failed in the eyes of some, but it still went through the necessary motions and Casey Anthony was found “not guilty.” It’s time to “live and let live.”


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