Casey Anthony Changes Demeanor in Court

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As Casey Anthony sat in court today, her demeanor changed from the arrogant, spoiled brat America has gotten to know to a scared and nervous wreck. Previously Miss Anthony has graced each court appearance in attempts to appear meticulously groomed, fashionable and attractive. She’s also made it a point each and every time to be as arrogant and childish as possible, becoming one of the most hated people in the country right now.

Casey Anthony sat in a muted gray and white sweatshirt ensemble today. Her hair was a mess, her eyes were puffy and she trembled as her defense team continued to attack judge Perry for his choices to dismiss motions. Things look suspicious and it sure leaves one to wonder why Casey has changed her attitude so drastically. During the live stream of the trial, Casey is overheard saying to her lawyer:

“What about my heart sticker?”

This curious statement, said privately to her defense but overheard by the mic in the courtroom, makes one wonder just how guilty Casey Anthony might be.

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