Casey Anthony eBay Mask: 105 Bids, Sold for Nearly $1 Million: Bidders Fake?

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Bidding for the Casey Anthony eBay Halloween mask has ended in spectacular fashion. The fact that the ending bid was for $999,900 has left many wondering whether or not the eBay auction was real at all. The mask was making waves in the media when bidding went over $25,000. Just imagine when everyone wakes up and realizes that it sold for nearly a million bucks and had over 100 bids!

The questions have switched from who would want to buy such a hideous creation, to whether the auction was real or staged? If the auction were staged, the only reasons would be to drum up publicity for the mask’s seller, PropHunter or because someone wanted to just toss in a few fake bids for the heck of it. Either way, what occurred yesterday evening was very strange: the bids started slowly but then came tumbling in one after the other.

Overall, there were 105 bids from 40 bidders. When one takes a look at the top seven bidders from when the Casey Anthony eBay Halloween mask went above $25,500, you will see that they are: n***h, t***a, a***3, f***I, h***v, e***l and 9***6. All seem to have legitimate accounts with most of them having a 100 percent positive feedback rating. t***a has a 93 percent feedback rating and h***v has a 98 percent feedback rating.

n***h’s first and final bid on the mask was for $25,553.00. Shortly there after around 15:48 PDT an intense bidding war ensued. The auction was set to end at 18:00 PDT a.k.a. 6 PDT. The bids went from reasonably believable to extortionately insane as the bids climbed in increments of $100,000.

The runner-up for the Casey Anthony mask was e***l and he or she bid up to $999,800.00 but finally gave up because an earlier bidder had already placed a single bid that may well have been for $1,000,000. e***l has a 100 percent positive feedback for their transactions on eBay during the course of the last 12 months. This bidder has also conducted 421 transactions via the eBay site so there’s little reason to believe that he or she is a fake or that their bid was phony.

The winning bidder of the Casey Anthony eBay Halloween mask was 9***6. He or she won the auction with the extortionate amount of $999,900. 9***6 had set their bid at 15:33 pm PDT and only left one enormous bid. 9***6 also has a 100 percent positive feedback for the past 12 months. They have conducted 81 transactions thus far. However, due to eBay’s set standards, there is no way of telling what those transactions are.

In conclusion, one can safely say that between the final two bidders, everything looks legit. Now then, that’s not to say that the Casey Anthony eBay Halloween mask was a hoax or faked in someway. It’s just pointing out the facts that it is very possible this bizarre auction was real. Sometimes, one’s desire to have the unique can be bought when one’s pockets are deep enough. Could that have been the case with this mask? Possibly.

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