Casey Anthony Emerges from Hiding Dressed in Black

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Casey Anthony dressed all in black as she emerged from hiding in Tampa on Monday. She faced her creditors at a federal bankruptcy hearing. Hopefully her mode of dress wasn’t designed to convince onlookers she was in mourning over the death of her daughter.

According to a report from Hollywood Life, Anthony was flanked by lawyer Charles Greene, who spoke for the alleged, but acquitted tot killer.

Casey Anthony is a Killer & LoserGreene told the media that Anthony filed for bankruptcy back in January. She has amassed $792,000 in liabilities and claims only about $1000 in assets. Greene made it clear Casey could cash in on the story of her murder trial, where she was accused of and believed to have murdered her two-year-old daughter Caylee Marie Anthony, but has chosen not to do so.

Is Charles Greene trying to make Casey Anthony sound like a good person? If his comment about her not cashing in on her case was meant for that purpose it makes him look about as credible as she is. Not only has Anthony gotten away with murder, she’s now probably going to walk away from over half a million dollars worth of debts as well.

You can check out a photo of Anthony dressed in black, along with her attorney, by clicking on the Hollywood Life link above.

Do you think Casey should get away with more than she has already gotten away with? And do you think her wardrobe choice was to indicate mourning or to call less attention to herself as she came out of seclusion?

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