Casey Anthony May Be Grilled Under Oath

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Casey Anthony might be deposed, if the attorney for a woman suing “Tot Mom” has his way.

Lawyer Scott Shuker, who is representing Zenaida Gonzalez, AKA “Zanny the Nanny”, filed papers Tuesday, asking a judge to force Casey to answer questions under oath. This would be very interesting, indeed. Everyone knows Casey had something to do with her daughter’s disappearance, because she waited an entire month to report it to the cops. What type of mother would do that?

Gonzalez is “Zanny the Nanny”, the woman Casey claimed was caring for Caylee when she went missing. Understandably, Gonzalez is suing Anthony, and her lawyer seeks to grill her about her financial situation. Anthony is filing for bankruptcy, claiming she is $800,000 in debt, so it seems that Zanny is out of luck. Shuker said his questions for Casey would be about her finances, and whether she has a commercial interest in selling her story to the media.

It would be immensely satisfying to watch Casey Anthony squirm, while being interrogated under oath. But, people should just face the facts that justice was not served in this instance. The system failed, and a guilty person walked away scot-free. Casey, sadly, will never pay for what she did, either with her checkbook, or with her freedom.

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