Casey Anthony returns to Florida: Reports to court ordered probation

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Casey Anthony is once again in Florida. The woman who fled the state after a media sensationalized trial has returned for her court ordered probation for a different case on Wednesday. In what had been a hard fight to avoid returning to the area, Anthony’s attorneys had to follow instructions by the court and have their client report for probation in Florida.

According to her attorneys, Anthony reported, advised of her rights and has 12 months’ probation to serve in Florida for her earlier offense of a check fraud conviction.

“She told the officer she understands the conditions of her probation and she was told the date for her next appearance,” Jose Baez told the Fox News outlet after Casey Anthony had reported and left the building for her safety.

The probation granted is unique as some of the terms are waived due to security issues with Anthony. While she must stay in Florida unless she has written permission, not violate any laws and not binge drink, she won’t have to get a job. The usual requirement mandated by the state is exempt with the stipulation that she must attend classes online while she is serving her time.

The attorney’s for Casey Anthony seem extremely concerned for her safety as there are still angered residents of Florida who feel the verdict of her other case, the death of her daughter, wasn’t appropriately settled. While the court has ruled in the matter, until calmer heads prevail, the woman will be hiding.

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