Casey Anthony Saga: Convicted Liar Wants a Change?

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Casey Anthony wants to appeal her lying conviction, and will appear in court tomorrow in hopes of doing just that. But does it really matter at this point considering she’s already among the most hated people on the planet? In case you’re not already an expert on everything Casey, she was convicted of lying in 2011 when she was found not guilty of killing her daughter—even though there was more than enough evidence to show that she was, at the least, negligent to the point of her child being killed in some fashion.

Casey Anthony, 2011

Now she wants to appeal that lying conviction—but it’s unlikely she will be granted that appeal. It’s pretty much common knowledge that she’s a pathologically liar. Even her former lawyer Jose Baez has been quoted as calling her a troubled liar, someone who lives in a world of fantasy. She even tried to use her lies as a defense during the murder trial, unwittingly admitting that the claims that “Zanny the nanny” kidnapped Caylee Marie Anthony.

Casey Anthony has dirt for brains if she thinks the state of Florida is going to appeal this lying conviction. She’s been proven a liar time and time again—to the point that this was the only conviction they were able to stick to her in the end. Her murdered daughter never got justice for what happened to her, but it’s been proven without a doubt that Casey lies.


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