Casey Anthony Story on Lifetime?

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Casey Anthony madness is far from over, and it seems that a slew of faces are still aching to cash-in on Tot Mom’s exploits. It seems that the Lifetime network has their eyes on Ms. Anthony’s story. That’s not all; there are also some books to consider purchasing in the near future!

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First of all, Lifetime seems to have an interest, like many, in the life and murder trial of Tot Mom, Casey Anthony. That’s no surprise, but it’s surprising that they’re publicly considering doing a telepic of the woman’s highly publicized past few years before going into hiding. Certainly there will be people who want to downright boycott anyone who publishes anything pertaining to Casey, but this could still be a money booster for Lifetime.

Meanwhile one of the former prosecutors against Casey and her team of lawyers has written a book. This might be one worth checking out, since none of the money is believed to be going to Anthony; she doesn’t really deserve a dime. Jeff Ashton wrote the book, and it’s expected to hit the shelves this week. Furthermore, the man is going to be taking questions on RadarOnline!

How is Casey Anthony doing now?

Who knows, and who gives a rat’s behind? She’s old news and it’s best to just leave the little twit to live as she wants. Just like Amanda Knox, Casey Anthony is able to live free no matter what kind of evidence was found that proved against her innocence. However, Amanda Knox is in no way in fear for her life like Ms. Anthony. Maybe it’s best to just let these two formerly-accused murderers have their lives and let them just drift back into the woodwork until they’re caught breaking the law again?


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