Casey Anthony, Sugar Daddy Get Mocked!

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Casey Anthony and her sugar daddy from California are being mocked – ruthlessly. Of course, they deserve it. Casey deserves it for being a horrible mother and the sugar daddy deserves it for actually wanting to be with a psycho like Casey Anthony.

As reports continue to surface that Casey Anthony and her sugar daddy are taking off to “elope” in Mexico, people are starting to mock Casey’s new life. Is it fair? Absolutely!

According to The Stir, the “closer Casey Anthony gets to becoming a legendary outlaw…the more wacked-out theories we’re going to hear about her.” It’s true. People are just dying to make fun of Casey Anthony and make her life a living hell. Sorry, unnamed sugar daddy, but you just put yourself in the line of fire!

The Stir has some funny headlines that they’d like to see on the front of tabloids. Here are a few examples :

Casey Anthony Elopes With Bigfoot! Says “Sasquatch understands my pain.”

Casey Anthony Owns World’s Only Time Machine! Responsible for assassinations of Lincoln and Kennedy!

Casey Anthony Found Flipping Burgers on the Moon! Says moon really is made of cheese … burgers, that is!

While those titles are great and mocking Casey Anthony, her sugar daddy and her lifestyle is fun, it doesn’t bring little Caylee back. That’s the saddest part of all this. Casey Anthony can be mocked and ridiculed but she’ll never feel the pain that her daughter felt in her last moments on earth. How’s that for a sobering dose of reality?

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