Casey Anthony Trial: Defense Claims Caylee Drowned in Swimming Pool

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The Casey Anthony trial kicked off on Tuesday with opening statements. In a shocking twist, the defense claimed that little Caylee Marie Anthony was never missing, but actually drowned in the family swimming pool.

People watching the Casey Anthony trial were shocked to hear that the defense is claiming Caylee Anthony died after drowning in her family swimming pool, but also that Casey’s father, George Anthony sexually abused his daughter from a young age.

File:Casey Anthony Mugshot.jpegCasey cried as her attorney called her an “excellent mother” who had “something not right” about her. It seems the defense is trying to blame Anthony’s parents, George and Cindy, as well as call Caylee’s death accidental.

In the state of Florida, accidental drowning is the number one cause of death in children. However, it seems odd that the Anthony family would try to cover up an accidental death. The Casey Anthony trial is setting up to be the trial of the decade. People will get sucked into the drama and emotion. Only time will tell what the verdict will be.

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