Casey Anthony Trial Takes on ‘Pet Cemetery’ Theme

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The Casey Anthony trial took another bizarre twist this week as the defense grills Casey’s parents about the way they buried their pets. This was the defense’s attempt to make a comparison to the way Caylee Anthony’s body was found and the habits of the family when they put a dead pet in the ground.

In one of the most disturbing lines of questioning yet, the details of various family pets dying and wrapped up for a burial was a key discussion. The defense contends that the pets preparations for burial included, wrapping them in a blanket, then in plastic and then using duct tape to secure the packaged dead animal together, according to Third Age.

Caylee Anthony’s body was found wrapped in plastic and duct tape was found on the child’s body. A blanket was found near-by. The defense was trying to put some validity behind Casey’s claims that Caylee drowned in the family pool and her father and Casey staged the death to look like an abduction and murder.

Both George and Cindy Anthony answered question after question about wrapping mostly dogs, and a few cats, up for a burial in the back yard after they had passed away. At one point Cindy described her favorite “baby,” which was a dog she had since before her children were born.

The vet put the dog down, but Cindy brought a baby blanket into the vet to have the dog buried with it. The line of questioning sounded like something out of the Stephen King movie, “Pet Cemetery.”

This line of questioning did not fare well for the defense, who at this point in the trial appeared to use this strategy as a last effort for a losing client. One thing that came to light, was that the Anthony family has buried a few pets, probably more than the average family.

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