Casey Anthony Trial Verdict: Nancy Grace Cannot Believe It

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Nancy Grace has closely followed the Casey Anthony trial, and now that the verdict is in, the TV host cannot believe it, and she is joined by many people throughout the United States.

Casey Anthony Trial Verdict: Nancy Grace Cannot Believe ItJust after the shocking verdict was read, Nancy Grace said, “Absolutely cannot believe that Caylee’s death has gone unavenged.” She further went on to say, “‘Tot Mom’ will be walking free. She’s headed back to jail. Sentencing for a few lesser counts, false information she released, will take place 9 a.m. sharp Thursday morning. And you’ve got to wonder what the state is thinking now. They gave it their all; they gave it 200%. They gave scientific evidence like none ever seen in the country before, behavioral evidence that knocked everybody off of their seat.”

The reason Nancy Grace and other people are so shocked by the ‘not guilty’ verdict is because of the way Casey Anthony acted in the days after her daughter died. Also, because of the fact that she didn’t report her missing for 30 days seems completely unbelievable for most reasonable people.

Do you agree with Grace that Anthony will get a book or movie deal? If so, do you think she should make a profit off of this? Ultimately, what happened to Caylee? Will she ever get justice?

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