Casey Anthony Trial: What Her Texts Said

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During the Casey Anthony trial on Saturday, May 28, several text messages were introduced as evidence against Casey. These are texts which Casey had sent to Tony Lazzaro, her boyfriend at the time, on July 16, 2008–a month after her daughter Caylee’s murder. These texts do nothing other than add to the popular belief that it was Casey, herself, who killed Caylee.

Though Casey had finally admitted only the day before, on July 15, to her mother, Cindy, and to police that 2-year-old Caylee was gone, Lazzaro had not suspected anything was out of the ordinary.

Though, how could he not? Casey moved in to Lazzaro’s apartment the day Caylee was murdered–a month earlier. How could he not be suspicious that Caylee was never in sight for an entire month? Lazzaro had previously testified that, on the day she moved in, Casey seemed “happy as usual.” It would be one thing for him to not see Caylee for an entire month if he were not living with Casey–a month just seems to be too long a time to not question the whereabouts of his girlfriend’s daughter.

In the text messages introduced into the Casey Anthony trial Saturday, Casey described herself as “the worst f***ing person in the world.” Another text said, “If they don’t find her, guess who gets blamed and spends an eternity in jail.”

Perhaps Casey should have thought things through a bit before committing to actions that are impossible to undo.

Casey has already given two conflicting versions of what happened to Caylee. She told her mother and police in July 2008 that Caylee was taken by a nanny. On the opening day of the Casey Anthony trial, however, her lawyer, Jose Baez told jurors that Caylee drowned in the Anthony’s backyard pool and the death was not reported at the time.

It doesn’t really matter, though, because all her words, her actions, and the evidence appear to say one thing: guilty.

“Prosecutors believe Casey smothered Caylee with duct tape wrapped three times around the toddler’s head, and then disposed of the body in woods near her home.”

In other texts, Casey told Lazzaro, “I’m sorry for not telling you what happened. We obviously need to talk. I love you and I need you.”

In another: “I lied to everyone. What was I supposed to say? I trusted my daughter to some psycho? How would that look?” Casey texted.

Also: “I was scared to admit it. I was scared something was going to happen to my baby.”

Lazzaro testified he asked Casey repeatedly where Caylee was once he finally spoke to her on the phone, but he could not get an answer out of her.

“How do you not know where your daughter is?” Lazzaro said he asked Casey. He said she replied, “I just don’t know.”

Anthony is charged with first-degree murder after the June 15, 2008 killing of Caylee. If convicted, she faces the death penalty.

The Casey Anthony trial will resume on Tuesday.

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