Casey Anthony Verdict: Nancy Grace Lashes Out at Celebration

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Once the Casey Anthony verdict was announced, Casey and her legal team celebrated after a long trial, causing HLN legal commentator, Nancy Grace, to lash out. Grace, who stands up for victims of crime, was puzzled that Casey would celebrate given the fact her daughter, is dead, New York Daily News reports.

Nancy Grace was certain Casey Anthony would get a guilty verdict in the murder trial of 2-year-old Caylee Anthony. In a shocking announcement, the mother suspected of killing her daughter in 2008, will walk from the murder charges. Grace learned the legal team was celebrating the courtroom victory and quickly condemned their actions. She said it’s wrong because Caylee is dead and her body had decomposed not far from the Anthony home.

A strong advocate of crime victims, Nancy Grace, is held in high regard by followers of high profile cases. She truly believed the Casey Anthony verdict would be a guilty one. To her shock, a jury didn’t find her at fault for Caylee’s death.

The outcome of Casey Anthony’s trial was a shock to not only Nancy Grace, but the nation today. If no one watched the case closely, they relied on the legal commentator’s analysis of the courtroom drama. It’s not often Grace is speechless, but today’s reached verdict made history for the woman normally spot on in her predictions.

The Casey Anthony trial resulted in a verdict not even Nancy Grace saw coming. She commented that “as the defense sits back and toasts their Champagne, somewhere out there the Devil is dancing tonight.”

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