Casey Anthony Video Leak: Lawyers are Rabidly Angry

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The Casey Anthony video diary leaks momentarily shocked the nation after she’s been in hiding since her July release from an Orange County jail. Tot mom didn’t intend for those videos to be seen, and certainly she’s in a bit of an upset state at the moment. However, her lawyers are very angry—in fact, they’re after blood now (figuratively speaking).

Jose Baez says that the video leaks were not intentional. He says, “You’re going to pay!” to whomever is responsible for this. In fact, he says it’s downright “criminal.” He says that Casey Anthony should be able to go on with her life now.

“I think this is outrageous that this is happening. I think it’s criminal,” he said to Geraldo Rivera.

Jose Baez should probably wash his hands of the train-wreck that is Casey Anthony. She obviously can’t take care of herself, that’s for sure. However, he’s a lawyer not a babysitter, and this trial is over. He’s onto bigger and more high-profile things, like the case against Gary Giordano who is accused of being connected to the disappearance of Robyn Gardner. He should focus more on that and stop playing into Casey’s little pity parties. Whoever released this obviously had access to Casey, and that’s her problem.

Who released the Casey Anthony video diaries?

It was an anonymous Twitter user who posted the links to where the video clips can be watched. Casey’s lawyers insist that she was keeping a sort of video diary as a part of her therapy. Nonetheless, psychiatric experts (via sources) say that they’re unfamiliar with this form of therapy. What’s more, she isn’t seeming to address a therapist at all. In fact, she appears to be taunting her unknown viewers in a way that indicates she made the video with the full intent of publishing it.

Cheney Mason and Jose Baez are either out-of-the-know with how their “client” is behaving, or they’re purposely covering up her idiocy. It doesn’t appear that anyone other than Casey Anthony herself released these video clips. Hopefully more details are released about this so-called “leak” and the public finds out who is responsible. Until then, most speculation is resting on Tot Mom’s shoulders.

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