Casey Anthony’s Debt Woes Might Be Over Soon

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Casey Anthony’s lawyers are near to compromising on a plan for “Tot Mom” to auction off her life story and pay off her debts.

This is infuriating. It appears, at this point, that Casey will make a deal to sell her tale of lies, and get out from under the crushing burden of $800,000, she owes to the IRS, her trial lawyers, and other creditors. The bankruptcy trustee, and her current legal team, filed a joint motion a few days ago, requesting more time to hammer out an agreement.

The judge has previously expressed skepticism about Casey selling her story, and ultimately profiting from the death of her toddler daughter Caylee. But, there’s no way this judge is going to prevent the IRS and Anthony’s lawyers from getting their money. The IRS always gets paid.

So Casey, who doesn’t work because she receives donations from her idiot supporters, will get another free ride. Anthony’s financial slate will be wiped clean, and she will be able to start over from scratch. What’s more, she will get a chance to spread her falsehoods about the disappearance of Caylee, and possibly revamp her public image. Good grief!

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