Casey Anthony’s Family Speaks Out on Whereabouts

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People keep talking about Casey Anthony’s whereabouts. Today, her extended family – specifically her father George Anthony’s sister, Kathy, and her husband Chuck – are speaking out about Casey’s whereabouts and her current relationship with her parents, George and Cindy Anthony.

Chuck Eddy and his wife Kathy explain that they have been in frequent contact with George and Cindy, and to their knowledge, Casey has not contacted her parents after being released. And after three years of not speaking with them, it does not come as a surprise to many.

The couple also address the recent rumors that Casey is back in Florida, as someone spotted a Casey look-alike on a tarmac in Orlando, Florida. Chuck mentions that he has no clue where Casey Anthony is, but she is not in Mahoning Valley, Ohio as some rumors have suggested would be her chosen location. He also explains that she is not staying with any extended family in the Ohio area either.

This recent news challenges most theories about the supposed sighting of Casey Anthony at an Orlando airport and continuous sightings around the nation. Since her lawyers are taking precautions to protect their client, it would be less likely that Casey is staying in Orlando, Florida. One of these days, she will appear from the dark.

Where do you think she is?

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